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Thanks for scheduling your breakthrough strategy session.

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I will contact you by Phone at the precise time that you selected. Please make sure that you are ready when I call. If you are more than 5 min. late the call will be cancelled and you will not be able to reschedule another one.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you are in a quiet room and do not take the call from your car, airport or any other noisy place. If you take the call in a noisy location we will cancel the call with you and not allow you to reschedule another one. (commitment is step #1 in relationship connections) 

REMINDER: How you do anything is how you do everything! Make sure you show up to this call on time, focused, serious, be real, and tell the truth (it's the only way we can help you). Set ego aside. Winners are teachable, coachable and lifelong students.

We look forward to seeing you supernaturally accelerate in your relationship connections and achieve massive success!

-Carlos & Chantel Campos and our Connection Consultant Team!